Saturday, May 24, 2008

Three Explanatory Slides and "The Randomness Channel"

When you are passionate about ID science and are subsequently expelled/driven from orthodox science, you can wind up camping in the woods (as I did). Unable to afford cable TV, you get whatever TV channels you can pick up. Sometimes it is only "The Randomness Channel" IE., "snow" or "no signal." Luckily "randomness" is at the core of a very famous theory of science -- Darwinian Evolution. After spending many years in the woods watching the "Randomness Channel" I was able to develop a much better understanding of randomness and its (cough) "creative potential."

Of course famous Darwinists like Richard Dawkins would protest saying that while randomness is indeed random, Darwin's "natural selection" -- that selectively weeds out the unfit -- is not random at all! Luckily, I was able to purchase some rose colored glasses for 50 cents -- thereby weeding out the "un-fit" -- the "un-red" -- and thus "improving" my TV viewing experience with Darwinian non-randomness.

Then one day, while clicking randomly though various randomness channels I suddenly recieved a COMUNICATION from a strange ALIEN world called "Canada"(!?!). This was not randomness!(slide #1) Nor was this selectively filtered randomness!(slide #2) This surely was an intelligently designed SIGNAL! To this day, no-one in orthodox science believes me. They consider selectively filtered random variations (random mutation random genetic drift, random gene duplication, random environmental hits {randomizations} etc..) to be a perfectly sufficient explanation for such patterns! While Darwin's filtered randomness (slides #1 and #2) can explain some superficial things (like shifts in moth colouration or shifts in finch beak sizes -- all in pre-existing organisms {pre-existing signals}) it cannot explain the appearance de novo of specified complexity from star base Canada!!