Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Good News Re - PZ Myers and Orthodox Science?

In April of 2005 Universty of Minnesota biologist, PZ Myers pubished the following statement in response to a readers call to "tone down the (anti ID) rhetoric"..

“I say it is time for scientists to break out the brass knuckles and steel toed boots and hammer (PZ's emphasis, not mine) on the lunatics and idiots.”

PZ's anti-ID statement used to be found HERE but it is now missing. I take this as a good sign. The reason that this troubled me is that in the following year 2006 Nature Magazine (possibly the worlds #1 science magazine) voted PZ's blog "Pharyngula" (where the comment appeared) the number one science blog in the entire world! This convinced me that violence and/or threats of violence are OK with the scientific community just as long they are directed at people like me (I.E. people who doubt Darwinian macro-evolution and propose intelligent design instead). This chain of events came as quite a shock to me. I expected much better from orthodox science. Hopefully we are now seeing orthodox science backing down from such threats.