Monday, August 01, 2011

Logical Verification of the Goldbach Conjecture-pdf

The reason that Beatles records sounded just like the Beatles is that the inverted stamper (that stamped out all those vinyl records) contained all the patterning (in inverse form) of the original (positive) record cutting.

The reason that the Goldbach conjecture can be verified, is that the set of all primes numbers contains (in inverse form) all of the patterning of the set of prime multiples. The equidistant patterning of prime multiples imposes (stamps) upon the primes the equidistant patterning necessary for endlessly successful Goldbach pairing.

For instance, in order for the even number 20 to have a successful Goldbach pair, two prime numbers equidistant from 10 must be found (say 13 and 7) both of these numbers are 3 numbers in distance from the mid point 10. This equidistant patterning is provided by the prime multiples (of 2 and 3).

"Multiples" are by definition equidistant or "evenly spaced." The result is that all prime number-cluster positions (the spaces between prime multiples) are likewise equidistant/evenly spaced. Being evenly spaced they are perfect for Goldbach pairing.

With the exception of "1" all numbers are either primes or multiples of primes. The pattern of prime multiples is subsequently perfectly transferred to the primes.

Within the system, there is no source of Goldbach defeating non-equidistance.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Schooling vs Learning

The important thing to remember is that children and indeed all people, are sacred (infinite in value) and are to be treated accordingly. This value is not seen by orthodox science. According to orthodox materialistic "science" children (and all people) are just the meaningless accidental byproduct of a meaningless accidental universe.