Friday, July 13, 2007

"New" Dembski/Marks Papers at New EI Lab

These papers have actually been available for more than a month now. What is missing is the rapid responses from ID critics that usually follow from William Dembski's publications.

Note added: 7/08
The EI lab has been expelled from Baylor but can still be


dobson said...

Perhaps the world of science was struck-dumb by the torrent of refined nonsense that issues from Dembski's pen.

Fear not, I'm sure at least one mathematician will take time to deconstruct Dembski's papers. Until then feel free to speculate.


William Brookfield said...

Hi Dobson,

By what scientific process did you determine that these papers could be accurately characterized as "nonsense"?

William Brookfield said...

Well..apparently there was indeed "a rapid response." Unfortunately this response appears to have had nothing to do with math or science.

"...some members of the Baylor community took issue with Marks' conclusions, which place limits on the scope of Darwinism and offer scientific support for the theory of intelligent design. These ID opponents, who remain unidentified, complained to Dean Ben Kelley of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, who promptly pulled the plug on Marks' lab and took down the accompanying website."


William Brookfield said...

Richard Wein, Mark Perakh, Jeff Shallit, Wesley Elsberry, Cosma Shalizi, Olle Haggstrom, David Wolpert, Tom Schneider.

These individuals are ID critics who have in the past promptly provided mathematical critiques of Dembski work. After numerous searches I have thus far been unable to find a critique anywhere. If anyone comes across a critique of any of Dembski's three new papers please let me know, thanks.

Wesley said...

The "Unacknowledged Costs" paper critiquing Schneider's "ev" has unacknowledged errors. The conclusions in another of the essays are tainted by reliance on the bogus numbers in the "ev" critique.

Tom Schneider had responses up back near the beginning of August in his usual place for such responses. It doesn't seem that Brookfield's search could be described as assiduous.

I've been awaiting substantive replies from Dembski on several of my critiques for years. Will Brookfield draw a conclusion about Dembski from that datum?

Wesley R. Elsberry

Hermagoras said...

Mr. Brookfield,

There is one here. For Schneider's response, see here (entry of 2007 August 4).


William Brookfield said...

Hi Wesley and Hermagoras,

Welcome to the ICON-RIDS. Thank you for the links to critiques. Luckily the links are linked to other links that are also helpful.

William Brookfield said...

Wesley et al,

The "Unacknowledged Costs" paper is back up. Apparently, the error was due to a computer glitch.