Saturday, December 27, 2008

ID evolution at Scientific American

In the latest issue of Sci Am there is an article by Neil Shubin ("This Old Body") that uses an example of ID evolution -- as an example of Darwinian(?!) evolution. Both the old laboratory (less evolved) and the new lab (more evolved) are the product of intelligent design. This is known as "Berra's Blunder." In the case of Berra's example, both old corvettes (less evolved) and new corvettes (more evolved) are the product of intelligent design. This is all the more surprising given that the entire issue seems dedicated to attacking ID and glorifying Darwin. (See perhaps "Creationists' Latest Tricks.")




Since "intelligent design" are code words that mean "supernatural magic", it's very dishonest to say any ID proponents are non-religious. Also, since supernatural magic is not scientific, it's very dishonest to call these IDiots "scientists".

But of course you are a fucking stupid Christian liar for Jeebus, aren't you, asshole?

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I'm not surprised. Stupid Christian assholes love censorship.

What motivates you morons? Who do you think you're fooling? Do you seriously think any real scientist doesn't laugh at your bullshit?

William Brookfield said...


Normally I don't allow any comments that include swearing but you appear to be deeply concerned about being "censored"(moderated).

I have never belonged to any religion. I do however have a metaphysical "philosophy of life." "Philosophies" however are different than "religions" and that is why dictionaries include two different words and two different defintions. It would be dishonest for me to pretend to be a religious person when I am not.

William Brookfield said...

I would just like to add, if I may that "Jeebus" AKA "Jesus" is a person from ancient history. I am not interested in ancient history.

I am interested in the science of design detection. I am also interested in information theories (Shannon & Kolmogorov) including theories regarding the origin of information (Dembski). I am interested in the true nature of *information* and its relationship (if any) to our fundamental theories of physics (such as thermodynamics).

I am also trying to promote a healthier society/civilization -- one that is more civilized than the one we presently have. I would like to see a significant improvement in the human condition and a major reduction in violence, abuse and war. I am not promoting a Christian society but only one that is more "people friendly."