Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Hockey Anthem "Electric Ice."

What I am dealing with (in music composition and production) is the translation of musical information (in my mind) into a finished musical form (above). To this end I have developed personal musical systems that are both energy efficient and info-efficient.

Listen at the CBC "Anthem Challenge" web site.

Note Added: Sept 15/08 My anthem was the CBC's "featured anthem" over this last weekend. Thanks for listening everyone!

The CBC "Anthem Challenge" Homepage


William Brookfield said...

You may wonder what this has to do with ID science. Well according to popular modern mythology, as an ID theorist I must also be a knuckle dragging throwback to the dark ages. This music was subsequently produced by a throwback -- who this case played the drums *live* with his right hand (on keyboard) and the bass simultaneously *live* with his left hand (on the same keyboard).

The human hand can transmit five discrete sources of information (five fingers). When the human hand holds a drumstick, however, five discrete sources of information are reduced to one (one stick). Think about it.

F2XL said...

That was epic. :D

And I agree, it was pretty relevant, especially the drumstick analogy.